Isn’t fashion about being noticed? Sometimes it’s also about being heard!
Confused? We’ll explain how.

Remember the traditional ghungroos or the bells which women back in history would wear as ‘payals?’ Yes, we wear the same on just one feet now and call them anklets, because that’s just a fancier word, meaning being the same!

With the attachment of ghungroos, it was easy to locate the women’s whereabouts and her activities.
In today’s modern world, we do not need ghungroos on the feet to locate people, thanks to our portable cellphones and GPS!

But then, what about the poor ghungroos? The traditional ones were either in silver or golden and now we ave them in a variety of colors – red, yellow, purple, blue, pink, green, just name it!

We thought of using elastic and weaving these colorful ghungroos and some glass beads into bracelets and the image of top is how the bracelet looks now. And it sounds lovely too!

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