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German silver / Tibetan silver jewelry

German silver is NOT pure silver. The German ‘silver’ / Tibetan ‘silver’ jewelry do not consist of any ‘silver’ metal in them. The name has been given purely because of the look of pure silver and the silver color. It is an alloy of various metals.

  • Store the jewelry in air tight zip lock bags provided by us to avoid the blackish layer formation due to oxidation reaction.
  • Store them in dry places and avoid keeping metal alloy jewelry in washrooms for a prolonged period.
  • Do not use deodorants or body sprays directly on metal jewelry.
  • Jewelry made of German silver tends to naturally tarnish over time due to contact with moisture and air after which an oxidized look appears, which many of you love.
    In case you don’t like the oxidized look of German silver, directly use lemon juice or toothpaste powder on the jewelry to get rid of the black stains.


92.5 Pure Silver Jewelry

92.5 Pure Silver or Sterling Silver jewelry refers to jewelry with 92.5% silver metal in them. But remember, the rest of the 7.5% consists of other metals which give silver a hard form but also tend to tarnish over time due to oxidation reaction, the same effect on German silver jewelry.

  • The best way to keep your pure silver jewelry tarnish free is to wear them constantly.
  • If you prefer to wear them occasionally, air tight zip locks bags are the saviors again!
  • Since 92.5 pure silver jewelry also get oxidized if not stored properly / not worn for too long, the tar on the pieces can be cleaned with a dry cloth. If that does not work, the age-old tooth paste powder should work.

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