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A little something about MYRA


MYRA is a collection of costume jewelry inspired from a wide range of indigenous crafts. Each offering is handcrafted to suit your taste and match your dream look.

MYRA loves to adapt itself to your specific need by customizing accessories for you.

In today’s fast-moving, machine driven, technologically advanced urban scenario, we often overlook the minute details which are provided by Mother Nature. Power driven devices are slowly replacing the beauty of handwork.

At MYRA, we sought to draw inspiration from those elements of nature which tend get disregarded in our daily life. We also feel that there is an urgent need to unveil the immense possibilities of the traditional handicraft sector in our country and we at MYRA are striving to play a role in boosting the morals of the artisans in remote corners.

Why choose us


Even though we are not manufacturers and work by assembling pieces and elements together to create one whole, we believe in the importance of personalization. We believe that every individual has their personal sense of style and at MYRA, we like to create pieces especially to suit your taste, of course with a tinge of our very own signature approach.We have already been able to identify quite a few of those distinct personal choices, all thanks to your immense love and support for us!

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